Here at the Children’s Centre of Beenleigh

  • We aim to provide a warm and caring environment where children feel safe and confident to stay.

  • We aim to provide an environment that is approachable, caring and open to all at all times.

  • We believe that staff work together with families to ensure children obtain the best possible care and are comfortable within the Centre environment at all times.

  • We believe that each child is a unique individual and all children deserve to be treated with respect.

  • We believe that families should be an important part of the Centre and encourage families to participate within the Centre.

  • We believe in working with families to provide continues care using constant communication as an important key.

  • We aim to encourage and enhance each and every child’s development in all areas that is age appropriate.

  • We aim to challenge children’s learning and development to individual capabilities.

  • We aim to encourage children to develop a sense of responsibility to themselves and to others.

  • We believe that all social and cultural needs of children and families of our Centre should be recognised, respected and celebrated along with education of other social and cultural events.

  • We aim to foster the development of children in both individual and group aspects, through being active learners in challenges set, exploration and discovery through individual and/or group play and learning.

  • We aim to ensure all children and families’ individual needs are met, respected and carried through.

  • We believe that staff are role models for the children and set examples for children at all times, through play, learning, language and everyday living.

  • We believe that our staff should work together as a team to ensure we provide a positive and friendly learning environment for all children in our care.

  • We believe in maintaining relationships with community and other networks to ensure we can provide our families and children with as much support and information as we can.

  • We require our staff to adhere to Government Regulations, Policies and Procedures and keep up to date with current requirements and trends.